Two Part Tuesday

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Could Newman have been more wrong?? It’s Two-Part Tuesday again!

I struggled with whether or not to designate “The Pitch” and “The Ticket” as a two part episode. Technically, it is a two part I suppose, but being there’s no designation of a “Part 1” or “Part 2” and they carry different episode names, we’re going to save that for a later Two-Part Tuesday.

So, that being said, today’s Two-Part Tuesday focus is “The Pilot”.

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This episode is the climax of the main storyline in season four, with Jerry and George’s pilot episode of “Jerry” finally being cast and filmed. It’s a payoff for the entire season and really puts a nice bow on season four.

Early in the episode Jerry chastises George for wearing sweatpants in public. I’ve worn sweatpants in public, and every time I do I think of this exact scene.

The casting scenes really are great. There are so many classic moments in those scenes. From George getting mad at the gorgeous woman saying, “It’s like a bald convention out there” to Tom Pepper stealing the raisins off the counter, some of the most memorable Seinfeld moments come from these two episodes. George’s fear of success leads to him freaking out about the white spot on his lip and gives us an all-time George moment. “I told you, God would never let me be successful.” “I thought you didn’t believe in God?” “I do for the bad things!” Dalrymple falls for Elaine, which eventually becomes his and the Pilot’s demise. In the Kramer storyline, he really wants to play Kramer in the Pilot, which is ripped off from real life Kenny Kramer wanting to play himself in the original episode.

Of course, the Pilot airs and immediately after, Rita calls Jerry and George to inform them that they’re passing on the show.

The Pilot is a good episode and is more of a commentary on the stupidity of network executives than anything, and that much I appreciate it. It’s lore in Seinfeld history is solely based on how it wraps up Season 4, but it’s a very strong episode nonetheless. Overall, I think it ranks in the top half of all Seinfeld episodes and among the upper half of the two-part episodes and among the top half of all Seinfeld episodes in general.

Where do you think it ranks among two-part episodes? Do you think it’s one of the best episodes in Season 4? Does the way it mimics the real life rise of Seinfeld make it more relatable?


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