Random Episode Appreciation Blog: The Fix Up

I’m featuring a new segment today in the Seinfeldiverse. I’ve developed an “Online Random Picker” where I have all of the Seinfeld episodes plugged in and which ever the “Random Picker” chooses, I’ve decided to sit down, watch, and blog about. Of course, I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld probably hundreds of times, but this is a new way for me to take them in and appreciate them. The first one chosen by the “Random Picker” was season 3, episode 16, better know as “The Fix Up”. If you haven’t seen it in a while, check it out on Hulu. All episodes are available on there. It’s best to watch the episode before you read the review, but diehards will appreciate and remember some of it, even without having seen the episode recently.

Preliminary thoughts, pre-episode: I love the classic Jerry-Elaine fighting scene with Kramer bursting in, “Can’t you both see you’re in love with each other?!?” That’s the memorable scene in the episode for me.

Active thoughts, during the episode: George’s neurosis is on full display in this episode and I love it. Neurotic George is the best George. “Hopelessness is the key?” asks Jerry. “It’s my only hope.” quips George. Classic Seinfeld banter. The bonding done between Jerry and George while Jerry is trying to convince George that the fix up is a good idea is reminiscent of Jerry consoling George after his termination in “The Revenge” episode. Jerry’s “IT SAYS TWIST OFF!!!” line delivery is perfection, and he follows it up with another great line at the restaurant, “Acting!”

Image result for seinfeld the fix up gif

Recap thoughts, post-episode: I forgot how good this episode was. A lot of my Seinfeld intake lately have been from the later seasons, so it was nice to consume some early season Seinfeld. I didn’t realize until some research that this had episode won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 1992. Maggie Wheeler did a great job as guest star as Cynthia.

That was a great start to Random Episode Appreciate Blog and it’s had its desire effect. I hadn’t seen an episode in a long time, and the episode turned out to be much funnier than I remember. George and Jerry deliver an iconic performance this episode, it’s very vintage-Seinfeld-y. This was an excellent episode, it’s not surprising it won a writing Emmy.

How long had it been since you’d seen this episode? Was it better than you remembered, like it was for me?


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