Two-Part Tuesday

Happy Tuesday fellow Seinfeld fans! Let’s talk Seinfeld.

Today’s two-part Tuesday focus is “The Trip” parts one and two. “The Trip” was aired as two half-hour episodes, unlike our previous Two-Part Tuesday episode, “The Boyfriend”, which aired as a one-hour episode. “The Trip” was the season 4 debut episode(s) and aired on August 12, 1992 and August 19, 1992, respectively. The Trip is the only two-part episode Seinfeld made where both parts of the episode had the same name, but aired on two different weeks. For instance, “The Boyfriend” aired as a one-hour episode, but the two part episode “The Wallet” and “The Watch” aired on separate weeks.

The Trip features Jerry getting a spot on “The Tonight Show” and bring George along to Los Angeles to visit Kramer, who had just moved out there on the Season Three finale “The Keys”. Some highlights from part one include George’s “insightful” conversations with guest stars Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt, George’s back and forth with the hotel maid, Lupe, about making sure she doesn’t tuck his covers in (she does anyway), and Jerry and George coming to the realization that the LAPD think that Kramer is the serial killer known as the “Smog Strangler”. Part two highlights include a very Seinfeld-eque conversation between George, Jerry, and the policemen about the sounds the sirens make, how they’ve changed, and what the British police sirens sound like, Kramer being interrogated by the police about being the Smog Strangler, and the three men dancing on the steps of the courthouse after Kramer was freed because, “the murderer struck again!”

“The Trip” is a very good episode and, for me, is in the top half of all Seinfeld episodes. However, all of the two-part episodes are so good that, for me, it ranks in the bottom half of all of the two-part episodes. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine is noticeably absent from the episode because she was off on maternity leave at the time. This is the only two-part episode she is not in.

Check out the script from the episode here. Also, shop for Seinfeld gear on the official Seinfeld website.

So, how does everyone feel about “The Trip”? Where does it rank all-time among Seinfeld episodes? Where does it rank among just the two-part episodes?





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